Photo Journalism Project

I love the fall. The leaves change from bright greens to reds, yellows, and browns. The Florida weather shifts from what feels like mere suffocation to a nice 80 degrees (hopefully.) My wardrobe changes from t-shirts and Nike basketball shorts to fall-colored shirts topped dressed over nicely-fitting jeans and boots. But my favorite change that happens in fall is my neighborhood’s appearance. Houses are decorated with anything and everything that depicts Halloween.

Halloween is the holiday that anyone can be whoever they wish–even houses. Halloween gives homeowners and their families an opportunity to express their creativity. Some houses are cutely decorated with pumpkins and scarecrows, while other houses are dressed with spiders, black cats, and spider webs.

For the photo journalism project, I want to capture pictures of my favorite decorated houses in Tampa’s neighborhoods. Not only will I search for these houses (there will be many to see,) but I’m also thinking about getting family and Facebook friends in on it too! I want to ask my friends through social media to give me a tip on a neatly decorated house, and I will check that house out and possibly include it in my project!


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