Service Learning Story

Most people love to travel because it gives them great memories, a break from work, or even just something to do. Some of my best childhood memories were from traveling across the country with my parents, two brothers, and sister.

With flights and attractions so expensive nowadays, many people can’t afford to have the luxury of traveling to popular cities. I was in that same situation, until I started budgeting and saving for trips, such as Seattle, Guatemala, Chicago, Michigan, and Indiana all in the matter of months. But with efficient planning and saving, anyone can travel anywhere they wish.

This story could help a student or anyone on a budget travel to Seattle, for example, which is my upcoming trip. Through researching travel experts and pricing on flights, hotels, attractions, and food in Seattle, I will offer students tips on how they can travel with a budget. As a traveling college student, the three most important questions I always keep in mind are: What can I do, where can I stay, and what can I eat for cheap?”

Traveling cost-efficiently has benefited me in more ways than one, and I will continue to do so just like anyone else can. I hope that other people will understand the benefits of a stress-free, cost effective, and well-planned way to travel. traveling



  1. thedanimariesite · September 28, 2017

    Lauren, I love this story idea. It sounds like you already have some personal experience with this topic. I also enjoy traveling and go back and forth on the best ways to budget before and during a trip. I have been to most of the states in the U.S., but have yet to go to Washington. Seattle looks beautiful, from what my friends have shown me. I plan on making a trip there this winter, hopefully this story will help me budget my trip better.


  2. chloeabarnes · September 28, 2017

    Travel stories are some of the most interesting out there, in my opinion. I think encouraging travel by offering a budget plan is a great idea and makes the entire adventure that much more feasible. I finally got out of the country the first time summer 2016 and I loved every minute of it, but mostly the nuances of local life, and I only got that because I stayed in houses with families, not at hotels with paid guides. That’s not available for everyone, but it was definitely included in our budget plans.


  3. amygreenwaldsite · September 29, 2017

    Lauren, I’m super excited about your story! I like to travel sometimes, but it can be costly. I could definitely benefit from planning and budgeting tips. I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle, so I am looking forward to hearing about your experience!


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