The Interview: Part 2

Ms. Suzy DeVore is a professional actress, director, and theatre professor at Hillsborough Community College. Each fall semester, she provides students the opportunity for participation in a major theatrical production. This semester’s production, however, is seemingly a unique one. Her class is creating a student-devised show, meaning that the students will be creating an original script and starring in the show they crafted. In a brief conversation with Ms. DeVore, she mentioned that this semester’s show will revolve around a veteran’s inspirational and touching story. Interviewing her would provide a clear idea of what to expect from the show, and it will offer me the opportunity for a follow-up story after the show’s production. Ten questions I’d ask her are:

  • When and how did you become involved with theatre?
  • What was your favorite theatre experience/production you’ve been apart of? Ex. Acting/directing
  • What inspired you to offer a student-devised production this semester?
  • Where is the balance you and students have for dispersing roles/tasks to create the production? 
  • Why did you choose the theme of military service for the play? 
  • Have you or someone close to you been affected by military service? 
  • What impact are you looking for this show to have? Ex. Message, audience reactions?
  • How will this production differ from your classes previous shows?
  • When are the show dates? And where can students/families purchase tickets? 
  • Is there anything else you would like to share?


  1. kimberlydebrei · September 11, 2017

    Hey, Lauren!
    I love theatre and theatre productions. I think it’s a great idea to pick something that you can have a follow up interview for as well. Best of luck with your interview!


  2. ambirena · September 13, 2017

    Hey Lauren!
    I think it’s amazing of Ms. DeVore is letting her students get the chance to create their own script for the show! I’ve always wanted to act but I feel like i wouldn’t of been able to remember any of my lines!


  3. Kaline Schwanke · September 14, 2017

    Hi Lauren,
    I find your interviewee to be very interesting, I had no idea HCC had their own theater program. It’s awesome that she is also allowing for students to come up with their own script and giving students the opportunity to express themselves. I will be very curious to see your follow up story with her and what you thought of the play!

    Kaline Schwanke


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