The Interview: Part 1

Many unique individuals have amazing stories that are worth sharing. Every person has a story that highlights a time in their life, and to find just one person to interview is a limited task. I’ve been juggling two people I would like to interview:

  1. Mark from Starbucks

    One of my frequent customers is a veteran who shares hours of his time every morning at my Starbucks location, and he routinely spends his days visiting other local stores. Starbucks is a community that welcomes all types of people with different backgrounds, and Mark is the ideal customer. Every morning he has a smile on his face and searches for conversation with anyone willing to talk with him. A few questions I would ask him are:
    a) How long have you been a daily customer at Starbucks?
    b) What entices you to spend hours of your day at multiple locations? ex. environment, conversation, coffee?
    c) Without the Starbucks community, where would you see yourself?

  2.  Ms. Suzanne DeVore

    Ms. Suzy DeVore is a professional actress, director, and theatre professor at Hillsborough Community College. Each fall semester, she provides students the opportunity for participation in a major theatrical production. This semester’s production, however, is seemingly a unique one. Her class is creating a student-devised show, meaning that the students will be creating an original script and starring in the show they crafted. In a brief conversation with Ms. DeVore, she mentioned that this semester’s show will revolve around a veteran’s inspirational and touching story. Interviewing her would provide a clear idea of what to expect from the show, and it will offer me the opportunity for a follow-up story after the show’s production. A few questions I’d ask her are:
    a) What inspired you to offer a student-devised production this semester?
    b) Why did you choose the theme of military service for the play?
    c) How will this production differ from your classes previous shows?




  1. thedanimariesite · September 6, 2017

    Both of your choices seem like they would make for an interesting interview. With Mark being a veteran, he most likely has more information to give than just his Starbucks visits. If you decide to interview him, I suggest that maybe you ask a couple of questions pertaining to his time in the military or how he got to be where he is now. As for Ms. DeVore, I think that your questions are perfect. She appears to be an inspirational role model here at HCC. Good luck on which ever interview you decide to do.


  2. pamelaspageblog · September 7, 2017

    Both of your subjects to interview sound interesting. What I find even more on the interest scale is the subject matter of the two individuals you wrote about. The veteran, Mark and the focus topic of the storylines of veterans as a theatrical performance. There is a great amount of interest in our veterans and the somewhat ‘state of emergency’ so many of them currently find themselves in. I happen to work with a ministry that reaches out to the veteran population who are currently going through issues of addiction. Since I am familiar with a great many of the clients, I wonder at times if some of the issues that dictate their addiction is not a mental state. I often spend an afternoon talking with a group and boredom seems prevalent. Please don’t think I don’t realize that there are physical traumas, there are and they are real. Either way you go, you will shine a light on a topic that is important. Happy writing!


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