About Me

Hello all!

My name is Lauren Klink, and I am excited to share my journey as a Mass Communications student with you. Currently, I am finishing my A.A in Mass Communications at Hillsborough Community College, and I plan to transfer to USF in the spring to move onto even more exciting things! For starters, check out my first blog (unpublished) as to why community college was a great decision for me!

A few personal facts about me:

  • I enjoy writing, hence why I’m studying Mass Comm. I’ve found that writing offers a comfortable platform to voice my thoughts, whether it be writing an essay for a class (I know, right? A college student who actually enjoys writing essays?) or just crafting short stories. Keep an eye out for my developing short stories in the future! I appreciate feedback!
  • I love to adventure, whether it’s through traveling or discovering new places. Funny enough, I am terrified of flying on planes, although by the end of the year, I’ll have been on 8 flights! My goal is to travel the world, as cliché as that sounds. Our world is huge, and life is too short to not experience as much as we are offered.
    Fun fact: my very first real trip was with the Honors Institute at HCC. We traveled to Guatemala with Masons on a Mission to build stoves with desperate families. Not only was it my first time out of the country, but it was my first flight as well! Lets just say, that week was the most rewarding and humbling experience any 20-year-old could ask for. Check out my blog (unpublished) about my experience in Guatemala!
  • I can make a good cup of coffee! When I’m not singing Broadway karaoke tracks in my car (yes, this is what I do in my spare time,) you’ll find me working at one of Tampa’s very own Starbucks. I love my position as a barista, otherwise I wouldn’t wake up five days out of the week at 5:30am!


    San Marcos, Guatemala


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